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CST Storage Channel Partner, Florida Aquastore and Utility Construction, Inc. Supplies Digesters and related Process Tanks for Harvest Power’s Energy Garden

Florida Aquastore and Utility Construction, Inc., CST Storage Channel Partner, were excited to design and provide tanks used for anaerobic digesters at Harvest Power’s Energy Garden in Orlando, Florida. Organic waste streams generated by local theme parks, hotels and businesses in central Florida are co-digested with biosolids from a wastewater treatment plant through anaerobic digestion. The facility produces 3.2 MW of electricity — enough to power 2,000 Floridian homes — and 3,200 tons per year of granular fertilizer for application on local agriculture! You can view the installation here: Aerial Footage

CST Storage is capable of providing storage tanks in a variety of coatings including the ability to combine epoxy and glass coatings on a single tank which was essential for this project. CST Storage manufactured six tanks utilized at Harvest Power’s Energy Garden: Two 64’x51’ digester tanks, one 87’x24’ post digester tank, one 20’x17’ nutrient removal equalization tank, one 36’x24’ mix tank, and one 45’x25’ bioreactor tank.