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Florida Aquastore installs 2 Aquastore Tanks and 2 Hydrotec-TS tanks on the 49th Floor at Mansions at Acqualina in Sunny Isles, Florida

Mansions of Acqualian-Fire1 Mansions of Acqualian-Water1

Florida Aquastore installs two (2) Aquastore tanks model 2013 of domestic drinking water and two (2) Hydrotec-TS tanks model 1714 at the Mansions of Acqualina in Sunny Isle, Florida.

The tanks will provide drinking water and fire protection water storage at the highest level (Approximately 500′ above base elevation) which allows for uninterrupted water supply in the event of a power failure or pump failure if trying to get water from grade to the highest levels of the building in an emergency.

Installing the four (4) tanks on the 49th floor was not an easy task however our certified and factory trained builders managed with the proper equipment to lift the four tanks onto the 47th floor and then transported by hand up 2 flights of stairs to the 49th floor. Not only was getting the materials in place very challenging, but due to the limited space and very tight area, the tanks were installed only 16″ off the exterior walls of the building.

Florida Aquastore is pleased to have been able to meet the customer needs and complete this project successfully and in a timely manner.