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Florida Aquastore Installs Quibdo’s First Municipal Water Storage Tank

Quibdo-Columbia-Water-Tank-3Florida Aquastore has installed two 1,100m3 (301,000 Gallon) potable water tanks (Model: 4229 SFWT) for Empresas Publicas de Quibdo/ Aguas del Atrato (EPQ) in Quibdo, Choco, Colombia. The installation provides safe municipal potable water storage for the first time as part of a government utility infrastructure mega-project. The Superintendent of Public Services, Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development is spearheading the modernization of public services, including water, sewerage and sanitation for the city of Quibdo.

Florida Aquastore was chosen for this project due to the ability to deliver state-of-the-art product, design and engineering within a very short project deadline. The installation of both 301,000 gallon tanks and 30 m tall x 54′ (98,4 ft) concrete pedestals took just six weeks to complete. The tanks are located within one mile of an airport on the approach & landing zone.