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Florida Aquastore Proudly Announces “La Nueva Barquita” – Providing Water to Over 1,500 Families in Santo Domingo

la nueva Barquita

Florida Aquastore proudly announces the completion of “La Nueva Barquita” which is a part of a Low Income Housing Project in the Dominican Republic. This housing project relocated families living on the shores of the Ozama River, who are often displaced from their homes by floods, cyclones, storms, mudslides, and other natural incidents to the higher, safer topography of the Nueva Barquita.   The Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel storage system will provide potable water to over 1,500 families in new community.

Florida Aquastore’s highly experienced team of project managers and construction personnel delivered this critical project in 6 weeks. Our specialized jacking system enabled the tank to be built from the top down, without a crane or dangerous scaffolding. Working on the ground instead of at elevation enabled our crew to deliver our premium glass-fused-to-steel storage technology faster and safer than other storage technologies such as concrete or welded steel.

Florida Aquastore is pleased to deliver our advanced Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel coating system to the Nueva Barquita community. This tank has the lowest maintenance requirement on the water storage market today and will never have to be recoated or repainted like other storage technologies.

With experience that spans 33+ years and more than 1500 installations in 32 countries, Florida Aquastore is the premier company for the water and wastewater storage market across Florida, The Caribbean and Central and South America. For more information contact us at and/or visit us at