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Florida Aquastore Proudly Receives an Award

Water and Waste Digest Award Winner

Florida Aquastore® is proud to receive an award for Top Projects of 2015 from Water & Waste Digest for the completion of construction on two (2) State-Of-The-Art Glass Fused to Steel water storage tanks as Part of Nation’s First Water Recycling Project for Water Provision at Point Lisas, Trinidad – the twin island country off the northern edge of South America.

The tanks were part of a $167,000,000 USD upgrade to the Beetham Wastewater Treatment Plant to recycle wastewater to industrial standard and use it to supply clients in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.

The wastewater was being recycled and pumped into the sea.  This project is the first to include water recycling among the nation’s menu of technologies for water provision.

Our goals were to fabricate, ship and erect the two 5,300,000 gallons glass fused to steel water storage tanks at Point Lisas in Trinidad and Tobago within six months while adhering to challenges with transport logistics and engineering/design requirements.  The glass fused to steel tank system provides approximately 10 million gallons of water per day to Point Lisas helping mitigate future disruptions to their water supply and free-up water for additional distribution.

With the completion of the Beetham Water Project, the Industrial Estate at Point Lisas will benefit from a reliable and high quality water supply to over 150,000 people and positively impact over 200,000.

Our Aquastore® glass fused to steel tanks were selected  due to our quick installation time, competitive price, porcelain enamel coating that does not require re-coating and lowest maintenance requirements compared to welded steel being considered.