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Saudi Arabia’s National Water Company Increases Water Storage

* Original Article from CST Industries

In 2012 the National Water Company (NWC) of Saudi Arabia undertook the enormous project of developing 43 wells and 46 water purification stations in 27 separate locations to provide sustainable potable water systems near Riyadh. To accomplish this task in a short six-month timeframe, contractors around the world were brought in to provide the necessary pieces of infrastructure required to build the system. Much of the manufacturing and pre-fabrication took place at factories around the world, before infrastructure pieces were shipped via hundreds of cargo ships and trucks to Saudi Arabia for installation.

At each of the 43 developed well sites, drills bore down up to 2000m to sub ground water, pumped it to the surface, cooled it through cooling towers, then treated it through reverse osmosis desalination plants before storing the potable water in tanks and distributing it through the existing water network. Significant amounts of storage were required for the drilled and treated potable water created.

Selected to provide durable storage tanks, CST Storage provided 17 Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel coated modular tanks from its DeKalb, Illinois facility. In addition, CSTCovers in Rincon and Conroe, Texas, manufactured 17 aluminium geodesic domes to cover the tanks. The CST Storage tanks were identical in size, storing 5,000 cubic metres with dimensions of 31.5m diameter and 6.9m height.

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